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update for next device pl

I am afraid to lose those apps they are so cute.I just love them.


This is a very fun, cute game. The kitten is very life-like and the graphics are great. However, this game is expensive at $3.99. And then there is an additional $1.99 in in-app purchases! OMG! For $3.99 all the extras should be unlocked! If the game cost less then sure, charge for the extras. But dang. The developers have nerve to charge an additional $1.99.

Fantastic game

My 4-year old grandson absolutely loves it! It would be even better with more adventures. Keep creating please!


This game has 2 adventures and is not fun

Excellent app

My 9y/o autistic granddaughter loves this app as well as its sister app. She was able to figure out how to work it on her own and it keeps her entertained. She has difficulty with some of the features but I can work with her on those. She loves the books from this developer too! Keep up the excellent work!

Worst app I’ve ever used

Worthless. Save your money. It is not worth one star review.

Great for a few!❤️❤️❤️❤️


Such a bummer!

My Daughter loves this game and it is so frustrating to have paid money for an app that Continuously locks up. At this point I will never consider purchasing any additional items.

The cat could throw up or o forget it.

I mean I like it it's well nice... but not so far and good, register the bank please do you know Clinton McCabe? Oops sorry I'm on the phone. By Daphne McCabe

Love it!

We play this game on the iPad without any problems. My daughter who is 3 1/2 absolutely loves it and it keeps her entertained. I do have one question, the costumes on the bottom row of the closet are grey and we cannot purchase them. Anyone know how to unlock them?

Cats & Cats & Cats

Amazing app I love it!

Boring and not worth $4

This game looks nice but there is not enough to do in this game. My daughter got bored and stopped playing after the first day. Wish I could get my money back.

Worse $4 app ever

REFUND PLEASE, the game is unplayable for children, they constantly need assistance because of so many glitches, and it’s like trying to force a square peg in a round hole. I couldn’t believe I had to spend an additional.99 for a Santa costume during Christmas, that should have been a given. Ridiculous......don’t waste your $ not worth the $5.98! If I hadn’t paid for it, I’d have deleted it already

Terrible App

This app is best at crashing...becomes very frustrating for kids. Sorry I wasted the money.

Buggy on iPhone 6 Plus

App works perfectly on my iPad Pro but on my iPhone 6 Plus the app is unplayable and it’s frustrating for my daughter to play it to the point where she will cry. Nothing fits right on the screen half of the costume items are off the screen. The screen splits weirdly. And after the kitten gets hurt or what have u you can’t fix the kitten the ice can’t be grabbed and if you are lucky in one in a billion chance it will work the bandages are all off center on the cat and it never completes it you just sit there for 5 mins trying to wrap up this cat for it to be finished. This app doesn’t seem to have been optimized for any of the iPhones. Edit: after most recent update the app works perfectly on my iPhone 6 Plus. Still a bit buggy in the costume area but nothing terrible.

Not enough food

Cute but not enough cat treats

Takes forever to load

I wait 30 minutes for this app to load and it still hasn't

Rip off!

For 4 dollars I expect more than one room. Worst purchase ever. Very disappointed. Not today, Satan!

Sooooo cutest game

Yay so amazing I loved it

Cute but still glitchy

This game is super cute as I expected, but it shuts down every time my daughter tries to feed the kitty or drink from the water bowl.

Omg this is so well done!!

The animation!!! OMG

Doesn’t work on IPhone X

Same issues stated in previous reviews: glitchy, sticks, can’t open certain aspects of the game. Do not purchase.

Looks cute but misbehaves on iPhone X

Warning that until it is updated this app and its brethren have serious graphical errors that adversely impact playability on the iPhone X. Screen gets side bars and touching doesn’t correspond with actual artifacts in the image. Too bad because my kids loved it.

Glitchy/screen splits awkwardly

I just bought this because it was on the top of the recommended for kids but it’s seriously glitchy to the point we can’t use it. Unless an update comes out soon I wouldn’t waste my money until it’s fixed or even worse it never gets one.

Not happy with app.

The app looks cute to purchase. After I paid for the game, I found some issues. The game screen keeps splitting and my child can't see the full game. Some of the items stick and my son can't use items he's purchased (costumes) and the foot wear we can't even see on the car. I would like a refund until the game has been fixed. It's $4 and my son can't play it.

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